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罗欣药业 传递健康


罗欣药业 传递健康


罗欣药业宣布与JW Holdings签署第三代三腔袋全肠外营养品独家开发协议

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qy18vip千亿体育(股票代码002793,简称“罗欣药业”)子公司qy18vip千亿体育今天上午通过云签约方式与韩国医药企业JW Holdings在线签署合作协议。针对JW Holdings旗下第三代三腔袋全肠外营养品Winuf®,JW Holdings将授予罗欣药业在中国内地、香港特别行政区、澳门特别行政区开发和商业化该产品的独家权益。目前中国国内尚无含鱼油三腔袋全肠外营养品上市。据悉,JW Holdings为欧洲GMP认证的首个亚洲该类产品生产厂家。

Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Co., Ltd. , subsidiary of Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002793, hereinafter referred to as "Luoxin Pharmaceutical"), signed an exclusive license and distribution agreement with JW Holdings through an online ceremony this morning. The agreement grants Luoxin Pharmaceutical the exclusive right to develop and commercialize Winuf® under JW Holdings in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. Winuf® is a three-chamber total parenteral nutrition (TPN) product and so far there are no commercialized TPN products containing refined fish oil on the Chinese market. Besides, JW Holdings is the first Asian TPN manufacturer certified by European GMP.




Launched in South Korea in 2013, Winuf® has also entered the European market. It consists of 4 lipid components, as well as glucose and amino acids. It’s suitable for patients who are not capable of enteral nutrition feeding, for malnutrition patients under high-dose radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and for patients with severe digestive dysfunction, etc. Winuf® contains a higher content of refined fish oil than other existing products, and promotes the improvement and recovery of immunity in patients. The domestic sales of Winuf® in South Korea were recorded as KRW 55.7 billion last year. According to IQVIA, the three-chamber TPN market is growing rapidly, with the average growth rate over the three years (2017-2019) of 9.1% globally and 25.5% in China.

根据协议条款,罗欣药业将承担Winuf®在中国境内的临床研究、注册和商业化相关活动。JW Holdings将获得预付款,负责产品制造、供应,并按中国未来产品销售额获得相关里程碑付款和特许使用权费用。JW Holdings首席执行官Sung Kwon Han表示:“我们相信罗欣药业的临床研究和商业化平台能够帮助我们将Winuf®顺利引进中国市场。我们也希望借此契机将Winuf®推向全球市场,并期待未来与罗欣药业拓展更多合作空间。”

According to the terms of the agreement, Luoxin Pharmaceutical will undertake the clinical research, registration and commercialization of Winuf® in China. JW Holdings will receive the upfront payment, be responsible for product manufacturing and supply of Winuf®, and obtain sales milestone and tiered-royalties from Luoxin Pharmaceutical based on future sales in China. “We believe that Luoxin Pharmaceutical's platform of clinical research and commercialization can help us successfully introduce Winuf® into the Chinese market. We also hope to take this opportunity to promote the global opportunities of our product, and look forward to expanding our cooperation with Luoxin Pharmaceutical in the future, "said Sung Kwon Han, CEO of JW Holdings.

“我们很高兴与JW Holdings达成此项合作协议,也期待相关产品尽快进入中国市场并造福相关适应症患者。” 罗欣药业董事长刘振腾表示,“公司近年来与多家韩国企业合作,携手促进多种优秀的产品和疗法进入中国。我们将继续坚持自主与合作研发的双轨模式,打造更多能够经受市场考验的潜力管线,为客户、病患和社会各界创造最大的所需价值空间!”

"We are very pleased to reach agreement with JW Holdings. We hope Winuf® will enter the Chinese market and benefit patients with relevant indications as soon as possible," said Ryan Liu, CEOof Luoxin Pharmaceutical. "In recent years, Luoxin Pharmaceutical has formed strategic partnerships with many Korean enterprises to introduce excellent products and therapies into China. We will attach equal importance to independent and cooperative R&D, create pipeline that can withstand the market test, and bring more value to customers, patients and the society! "

关于JW Group


其旗舰子公司JW Pharmaceutical拥有包括抗癌药物在内的各种创新药研发渠道。JW Life Science则是一家专门从事医用注射剂生产的子公司,每年生产和供应800万种综合营养素,该公司也拥有全球最大的环保非PVC医用注射剂工厂。

JW控股除管理子公司之外,还直接负责集团原材料、药品和医疗器械的海外业务。JW Holdings在韩国交易所上市,股票代码为“096760”。

About JW Group

JW Group has been leading the Korean market for therapeutic drugs based on respect for life and the founding philosophy of pioneering spirit since its foundation in 1945. In 1959, the nation's first medical hospital solution, "5% glucose," has started its local manufacture.

JW Pharmaceutical, its flagship subsidiary, has various innovative new drug R&D pipelines, including anti-cancer drugs, while JW Life Science, a subsidiary specializing in hospital injection production, produces and supplies 8 million comprehensive nutrients annually based on the world's largest plant dedicated to eco-friendly Non-PVC hospital injections.
 JW Holdings is also directly responsible for overseas business of raw materials, drugs and medical devices in the group, in addition to managing subsidiaries, generating profits. JW Holdings is listed on the Korean exchange as '096760'.




About Luoxin Pharmaceutical

Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Co., Ltd. is a healthcare conglomerate corporation in China that is engaged in pharmaceutical research and development, manufacture, sales, and healthcare service. As one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in China, it serves customers with high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), finished products in various formulation forms (tablets, capsules, injectable, etc.), and healthcare service.

Now the company has been ranking top 100 of China's Pharmaceutical Industry in terms of overall competence nationwide, and identified as one of the “Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies with Strong R&D Pipelines” for years. The company was listed on China's A-shares market in 2019 as ‘002793’.